Alessio Maria Romano

The place where people dance

“A community, whatever it might be, where everyone looks for their own singularity. From order to disorder, from rebellion to rule and vice versa.”

Choreographer’s Assistants Filippo Porro e Isacco Venturini

Lighting Design Matteo Crespi

Music and Sound Design Riccardo Di Gianni

Costumes Silvia Dezulian

Photos by Andrea Macchia
Video by Giulio Cavallini
With Alessandro Bandini, Alfondo De Vreese, Caterina Filograno, Leda Kreider, Marta Malvestiti, Cristina Nurisso, Benedetto Patruno, Matteo Principi, Filippo Porro, Marco Risiglione, Elena Rivoltini, Walter Rizzuto, Livia Rossi, Martina Sammarco, Annapaola Trevenzuoli, Isacco Venturini

Production Casa Luft

Performance supported by Permutazioni, choreographic coworking organized by Casa Luft, Zerogrammi, Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo in partnership with Festival Palcoscenico Danza Università degli Studi di Torin

In a place like any other, a collection of actions, gestures, walks, runs, simple movements – in repetition.

As in an ancient and instinctive ceremony, fragments of images, atmospheres, shards from a collective subconscious race each other.

Women and men walk, they choose one place and then another. Sometime they meet; other times they clash, and so they become one body, a mass, a collection of individualities, community, a flock, a pack.

Men who become choruses, or witnesses of events that happen in the “choròs”, in the scenic place where people dance, talk with their bodies.