Alessio Maria Romano

Il maleficio

“…What you’re about to hear is a humble, disturbing comedy; it’s the broken-hearted comedy of someone who wants to claw at the moon but ends up clawing at their own heart…”

Direction and Choreography
Alessio Maria Romano

Isacco Venturini

Lighting Design Matteo Crespi 

Sound Designer Davide Tomat 

Sound Consultation G.U.P. Alcaro

Photos by Andrea Macchia
Video by Andrea Macchia
Recorded voices Alessio Maria Romano

Special thanks to Superbudda Studio di Torino for technical supervision

Voice, body. An empty stage, dim light. 
A recorded voice: a disembodied sound. A lyrical text which becomes sound and therefore rhythm, to which the actor, voiceless, moves.

The voice recites and the body dances. 
Actor and audience together. From poor visibility to a full moon.

From a confusion of sounds and images, to precision and recognising images. 

Today, where the boundaries of an actor’s work are blurred, the audience opens a door and walks into an empty room where everything might or might not be in the right place.