Alessio Maria Romano

No where to be found

“How do you feel? Lost, or in fact scattered, in pieces. I search but I do not find. I cannot see, but I desire. I run, I fall, but I carry on. Tired, I dream and maybe I dance. Can you see me?”

Alone, in a total silence broken only by the sound of their own steps, a group of men move their thoughts and bodies in a continuous action between a real and a dream world. How can actions that affect other people be carried out in a space where no one else is present? A study on absence.

Dispersi – 1st movement
By and With
Alessio Maria Romano, Giulio Cavallini, Filippo Porro e Isacco Venturini

Lighting Desing Matteo Crespi 

Costumes Margherita Baldoni

Photos by Andrea Macchia
Video by Giulio Cavallini

No Where To Be Found” is a research project divided into three stops. The first with a group of male performers, the second with a group of female performers, and the third as a meeting between those two worlds. A study about genders and generations, searching for their presence.

We’re obsessed with perfection and with the relentless demand for “meaning.” Alone, divided, lost, fragmented. In a society where the individual is obsessed with performance, with individualism, competition, result, fear of diversity, and hyperactivity, we look for a language between dance and theatre, between body and environment.